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I have already paid taxes in my country of residence. Does that have any influence on whether or not I have to pay in the US?

Yes. It will most likely will have an influence. through at least three ways: 1) The foreign tax credit: ‘If you paid taxes abroad and are subject to U.S. tax on the same income, you may be able to take a credit for those taxes. This way you don’t pay twice 2) Most countries have a double taxation treaty with the US in place which describe taxes that are and aren’t credible. …


I don’t make (a lot of) money; do I still need to report to the USA?

Yes. Even if you have no earnings, it does not always dismiss you from filing taxes in the US; it will most likely result in you not paying any tax. Basically, you have to file an IRS Form 1040 for the previous year if your income was above a certain threshold. These thresholds are the same as for US residents. For tax year 2014 (filing in 2015) the thresholds (total yearly income) are:…


I own a company. How does that affect my tax obligation?

Owning shares in a company outside of the US will have influence on your tax obligations. The US regulations on reporting investments in companies abroad are complex and require a specialist to advise you. Therefore, we advise you to have this screened by a tax advisor specialised in filing for US citizens abroad. Americans Overseas can provide you with names of professionals if desired.


I’ve made investments in the stock market; is that a problem?

The US has made investing in the stock market outside the US. extremely complex. Banks abroad are denying US Citizens investment services for fear of a penalty due to FATCA. Buying individual stocks might be possible whereas buying funds outside the US poses a big problem. The US also imposes a non creditable taxation on some investment products abroad. The US furthmore requires that you rep…


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