Is SSN required for US passport renewal?

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Do I need an SSN to renew my U.S. passport? Do you have a US passport and has it expired? Then you can apply for a new one at the U.S. consulate in your country of residence.

The US Consulate’s site describes the procedure, one of the steps in completing and submitting the form (Form DS-82). This form requires you to provide your SSN (Social Security Number) number, among other things.

Do you have an SSN?

Then you can provide thSSNer on the form. Be sure to comply with the U.S. tax return requirement, the passport clearly states that you must (continue to) comply.

You do not have an SSN?

Then either leave the box blank or enter 9 times a 0 (follow the instructions of the relevant US consulate).

We know from experience that, by order of the IRS, many consulates no longer issue new passports without an SSN. After all, you are required to file a tax return as a U.S. citizen and this can only be done with an SSN. So it simply does not make sense, in this line of thinking, for someone not to have an SSN.

However, there are some U.S. consulates/staff who turn a blind eye to this and issue a new passport. Others will summon you to apply for an SSN before the next passport renewal or they will fine you for not having an SSN.

Tip: make sure you have an SSN if you don’t already have one, this way you won’t have any surprises and can file a tax return in America. You remain in control.

More questions about applying for an SSN?

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