Certificate of Loss of Nationality (CLN)

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What is a Certificate of Loss of Nationality?


A CLN, or Certificate of Loss of Nationality, is an official document issued by the U.S. government to individuals who have renounced their U.S. citizenship. If you are a current U.S. citizen who is considering renouncing your citizenship, you must first complete a CLN application. 

The CLN application is a two-page form that must be completed in English. The form asks for basic information about the applicant, including their name, date of birth, place of birth, and current address. The form also asks for the reason the applicant is renouncing their U.S. citizenshipAfter the form is completed, it must be signed by the applicant in the presence of a U.S. consular officer. The consular officer will then issue the CLN. The CLN is an important document that proves that the holder is no longer a U.S. citizen. 

It is required for many purposes, including applying for a passport from another country. If you are a U.S. citizen who is considering renouncing your citizenship, be sure to complete a CLN application.

Exit tax & Form 8854

If you renounce your citizenship, you have to settle with the IRS forever by means of Form 8854. Only after this final settlement, you are no longer required to file a tax return in America.

You may also have to pay an “exit tax” on any unrealized capital gains you have in the year you expatriate. The exit tax is basically a capital gains tax on any assets you own that have gone up in value since you bought them. The expatriation tax can be a complex and confusing topic.

If you are considering expatriation should contact Americans Overseas to ensure you understand all of the US tax implications. You must have filed tax returns for 6 years plus the year of renunciation including Form 8854.

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Can I renounce and never file?

You can renounce your US citizenship but be aware that renunciation may have no effect whatsoever on your US tax obligations. Upon renunciation, you need to fill in form 8854 which asks you clearly to state that you have filed all your taxes. If you aren’t compliant you might be able to renounce.

But the IRS will not let you go until you have filed up a number of years back until the date of renunciation. There are cases of people renouncing and still owing tax. Worst of both worlds. Also (in a limited number of cases) you might have to pay exit tax upon renouncing.

CLN services

Americans Overseas can assist with your renouncation/ CLN procedure and U.S. tax return through their network of trustworthy and skilled CPAs who are carefully assessed for quality and cost-effectiveness. We cater to individuals with various financial situations, from straightforward to complex, including those who have multiple businesses in different countries. Our aim is to provide excellent tax returns at reasonable rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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