US citizens living abroad have a US tax obligation

All US citizens have a TAX and Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) obligation, wherever they live or work in the world. This is governed by the American law FATCA and enforced by intergovernmental agreements between many countries and the US. The tax in the country of residence can be offset against the taxes owed in the US. This means that you almost always have to file taxes but don’t necessarily owe any tax. MORE ABOUT TAX LIABILITY >

COVID-19 – Americans Overseas is at your disposal

Despite the virus and the restrictions imposed in the various countries, the Americans Overseas Team is fully at your disposal by mail and telephone. If you have any questions about tax liabilities and / or questions about the effect of the virus on your 2019 U.S. tax return, we’re happy to help. We wish everyone strength in these uncertain times, Team Americans Overseas

Find information or a tax advisor free of charge

We help Americans abroad to become US tax compliant in an organised way
and avoid unnecessary double taxation.

Based on your personal situation, we give you information and introduce you to the appropriate US tax advisor in our Americans Overseas network who will make you a tailor-made offer to help with your tax filings free of charge and free of any obligations.



More information
Our knowledge centre

Our knowledge centre

In our online US taxes knowledge center you can find information on US taxes for Americans living abroad. The most frequently asked questions for Americans abroad:

The information on is meant as a helpful guideline for Americans abroad, but by no means should you take any action based on this advice before consulting a US tax expert.

Knowledge centre

A personal advisor from the Americans Overseas network helps you to make informed decisions on any tax topic that is important for your personal situation. We can help you to get connected to the best suitable Tax Advisor from our screened and carefully selected specialist partners.

A Tax Advisor of the Americans Overseas network will help you to:

  • Determine which tax obligations you have in the US
  • Understand applicable tax treaties between your country and the US
  • Make an overview of the tax obligations for your partner and siblings
  • Make an overview of the tasks that need to get done in order to file
  • Define the information you need from your bank accounts
  • Determine which of your stocks or participations are needed to be included in your file
  • Streamline your investment portfolios to American standards

Advice for Americans abroad

Advisors in the Americans Overseas network all have extensive experience with IRS procedures such as Streamlined and the OVDP, possess a CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) degree and are IRS-registered and/or an IRS-enrolled agent. On average they have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in handling international taxation challenges for Americans living abroad.
We continually expand and optimise our network based on the feedback we get from our own users. We make agreements with all of our partner companies to reduce initial rates and request advisors to offer flat fees. These reductions are divided between our users (you) and Americans Overseas. This means you are not paying for our commission while still receiving a reduced initial rate. As our network contains many advisors, we maintain a completely independent role.

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