Be aware of your (historical) Dutch tax advantages

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Published on: 10-10-2022 Last modified on: 25-03-2024

In the first year you arrived in the Netherlands and start working for your employer, there is a typical tax situation. Here are some Dutch tax advantages you should be aware of.

Tax refund first year

This first year, most employers calculate too much wage tax and premiums on your salary. For the social premiums, you are only obliged to pay them from the moment you were registered in The Netherlands. 

For example: when you were registered and started to work in July 2019, you only had to pay premiums for these 6 months. This first tax year leads to a nice refund in a lot of cases. 

Ex officio request

For Dutch purposes, you can file retroactive income tax returns of the earlier 5 years. They call it an ‘ex officio’ request. So this means that you have time to check the earlier years from 2018, until December 31, 2022. 

Refund own house

Furthermore, you can also expect a nice refund when you bought your own house in the Netherlands. Because most mortgage costs are deductible from your Dutch income.

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