Americans Overseas, in a collaborative effort with their partners in US tax advisory services, has successfully arranged an exclusive deal for you, the Client. This arrangement includes a comprehensive evaluation of your current tax situation at no cost. This assessment is designed to give you a detailed understanding of your tax obligations and potential strategies under United States tax law.

Furthermore, should you choose to engage further services following this initial assessment, Americans Overseas and their US Tax Advisor Partners are committed to providing you with a cost-effective proposal. This proposal, or offer, will be competitively priced and tailored to meet your specific tax requirements and circumstances. The aim is to ensure that you receive high-quality tax advice and services that are both affordable and aligned with your financial and tax planning goals.

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We, the founders of Americans Overseas, were born in the Netherlands and obtained our American nationality through our (American) mother.

When we heard about the US tax system for the first time around 2013, we were in total disbelief (it can’t be true!), anger (how can they do this?), fear (am I going to get fined or pick up other problems?), and panic (what should I do?). It is (unfortunately) true that there is an additional American tax levy. But there’s no information from the local government, and when approached, the consulate referred us to the IRS, and the IRS was impenetrable.

That’s why we started this initiative to help people from all over the world by providing proper information about the US tax system to avoid unnecessary panic and offering help free of obligation and free of charge. If needed, we have a network of affordable professionals (accountants) who can help you with your bitcoin tax obligations.

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