What is Form 1040?

In the US, the income tax return is also called a form 1040, IRS form 1040, 1040nr, or IRS 1040.

This is based on the number of forms that must be completed and submitted annually. It is one of the three forms, namely the 1040 (extended version), 1040A (abridged version), and 1040EZ (simplest version). In the Netherlands, this is similar to a P-form. If you are going to file for the first time, a single 1040 form won’t suffice. You then need to fill in several years. Read more on how to file the first time under Streamlined procedure.

The IRS provided these forms in the past, but nowadays, you must download the forms (IRS form 1040, 1040nr) yourself or acquire them through other channels (e.g. US tax advisers or make an online declaration). The annual income tax return by individuals in the US, IRS form 1040, must be submitted by 15 April of the following year.

Automatic delay IRS form 1040

You can request an automatic delay up to 15 October, but this postponement only applies to the submission of the U.S. tax return and not to pay the tax due. For Americans who are living abroad on 15 April, an automatic postponement of 2 months applies until 15 June. For this, you need only make an entry on your US tax return that you resided abroad on 15 April.

Questions about Form 1040

If you have any questions about IRS form 1040, 1040nr, irs1040, and the US tax obligation you can contact Americans Overseas. Two dual nationals living abroad founded Americans Overseas. In the costly and exhausting process of finding the right experts, they realized they had not only accumulated a mountain of knowledge but also built up a solid network of tax and legal experts. This could be of great benefit to others in similar situations.

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Americans Overseas informs and connects US persons to a select network of specialized US tax consultants to help them with the IRS 1040, 1040 form, avoid double taxation, and become compliant.

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What is Form 1040?

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