Reporting point Banks and Government for US persons

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Published on: 24-02-2020 Last modified on: 12-02-2024

Reporting point Banks and Government for US persons

Share your story. Do you have problems with your bank, financial institution or government institution concerning your status as a US Person?

For example

  • if you have received incorrect or incomplete information
  • when the bank or financial institution refuses you financial services

Share your story and report to us via:

Your help is needed

All information is welcome. With your help, we can better advise the government and financial institutions on what needs to be improved. After you have made your report, we will anonymize your data.

We bundle the information we receive several times a year (anonymously) to be able to point out to the financial institutions and government what needs to be urgently improved. We treat your data with care. In some individual cases (if you wish) we can contact the institution.

Why is this reporting point for US persons?

We as Americans Overseas notice that various institutions including the government and banks are still providing false and misleading information to people about FATCA, the US tax liability, and providing an SSN.

This gives people the wrong impression, unnecessary stress or outcomes that are not there. Only when they experience the consequences do they notice that the information has not been complete or correct, with all the stress that entails. 

About Americans Overseas

In 2012, Michael Littaur and Daan Durlacher as US persons started the organization Americans Overseas. From the beginning, Americans Overseas helps people and companies with questions about American tax liability and all the steps they need to take.

In addition, Americans Overseas is actively committed to ensuring that this legislation is changed. We think it is important that the legislation is amended for people who may be US persons, but otherwise have no ties with America.

A “Resident Based Tax system” is the ultimate long-term goal. However, it is a very long, uncertain road that will probably take many years to come. In the meantime, we also want to contribute to short-term solutions that reduce the burden as much as possible.

Our mission

– As an organization (without obligation) giving people as objective information as possible so that they can make good decisions themselves

– Bring the problem to the attention of the government, European government, and banking institutions:

  • Correct and complete information provision to all involved,
  • Provide timely information about the personal situation and the possible consequences,

– As an organization (without obligation) giving people as objective information as possible so that they can make good decisions themselves,

– Refer people, if desired, to a good, honest, and affordable accountant,

– Suggest ideas and solutions to the government and financial institutions for the short and long term,

  • Looking for relief within the current regulations
  • Looking for sustainable solution (s).