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Will I actually have to pay any fines?

This depends on your situation. To start with, it’s important for some IRS programs to asses whether you’ve willfully or non-willfully failed to file tax (see next FAQ), or whether your failure to comply is due to reasonable cause. However, there are different programs that don’t address intent,so we advise that you have your specific situation assessed by an expert.


What is the difference between willful and non-willful violations?

Not fulfilling your US tax obligation when you knew about the obligation but chose (for whatever reason) not to file is considered to be a willful violation. Not fulfilling your US tax obligation when you did not know about the obligation is considered to be non-willful and usually leads to lower or no penalties. If a taxpayer entering the Streamlined procedure has tax noncompliance that was…


I’m very anxious about my tax situation. What are the risks of not filing?

This is very normal, as the IRS can communicate in a very aggressive way. We understand and recognize that you may be anxious with your situation. However, we strongly advise you to file and become tax compliant in the US, or at the very minimum, have your situation assessed. Not doing so could get you into trouble with the IRS, sooner rather than later. Not reporting your foreign financial in…


I have never heard about this obligation; will I be fined?

You are not the only one! Many fellow Americans (living and working outside of the US) are not aware of their obligation. That is one of the reasons why the IRS has implemented several programs such as the Voluntary Disclosure Program for Overseas Americans, which is designed for those who were not aware of their obligations to file taxes in the US and therefore non-willfully failed to report …


What are the consequences if I don’t file FBAR?

The IRS issues very severe penalties for (willfully) not filing.


What is the risk of having the IRS on my back?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that question properly. We want to inform and advise you as thoroughly and as neutrally as we can. The fact is that you have a tax obligation even if you are an American citizen living overseas. We want you to have more knowledge on the topic and to make you aware of the obligation. Above all, we want to show you the route to good advice and to help you in becomi…


I recently got a form from my bank about FACTA, asking if I’m American. What Do I do?

This questionnaire is a result of the FACTA agreement your bank (as all banks) has signed. This obligates the banks to report any account (bank account or investments) that is held or that has signing authority by an American citizen. This information is being shared with the US authorities. We advise you to inform your bank correctly with regard to your American citizenship.


Can I travel to the US, or is that a risk?

This is difficult to answer. More and more computer systems are being connected and there is always the possibility while entering the US that questions on your tax status could be asked. Traveling into the US on your other nationality passport (if you have one) is not allowed. According to Section 215 of the US Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185), it is illegal for an American …


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