We help Americans living in Europe to file US taxes and prevent double taxation. Based on your situation we introduce you to a US tax advisor. Free of charge and free of any obligations.

Which countries does Americans Overseas serve?

Outside of the United States, AOS provides services worldwide. Our main office is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our operating hours follow local time and we try to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.


For whom is Americans Overseas available?

AOS was specifically founded for individuals and companies who reside outside the US but continue to have a tax filing obligation with the United States.


What do Americans Overseas services cost?

As a referral agency we support ourselves through the commission we charge our partner companies for every referral and signed client. We do not charge our clients for our services.


Am I, as a client, paying for the Americans Overseas commission?

We make agreements with all of our partner companies to reduce initial rates. These reductions are divided between the client (you) and Americans Overseas. This means you are not paying for our commission – while you still receive a reduced initial rate.


Is Americans Overseas liable for the information?

See our terms and conditions.


How does Americans Overseas keep its network up to date?

Feedback from our clients is essential. We ask our clients to provide feedback about the quality of service when entering into agreement with a partner of Americans Overseas. This feedback is used to ensure the highest standards of service are maintained. We are open for suggestions on how to make our service as well as that of our partners more complete. Please contact us if you‘ve any sugges…


Does Americans Overseas file and prepare returns?

We are a referral agency that helps you find the right tax advisor. We do not prepare or file returns.


Does Americans Overseas have partners in every country?

The AOS network of partners is based in the US and collaborates with your local tax office. While we understand that it is more convenient to have a local partner in your country of residence, American tax law and IRS programs are ever evolving – we’ve experienced that US based partners have the most intimate knowledge of these developments that could be crucial to your case


Do you have questions or need help? Please feel free to contact us. Free of charge and free of any obligation.