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Americans Overseas wants to hear from you about the US tax system! We gather stories and contributions from around the world by leading journalists, tax professionals and (Dual) US citizens.

We inform Americans Overseas, and give them a platform to share stories, find knowledge, and get connected to proper help.

We welcome stories from journalists, experts and individuals sharing their experiences on how the US tax system influences their everyday lives. Publications can be done with or without your name disclosed.

Feel free to submit on a wide range of topics such as filing, FATCA, managing your bank accounts, getting a SSN, IRS challenges,  getting compliant, renouncing, children born abroad, the emotional impact in your life.

If you’re a tax professional and have expertise and experiences to share then please write us. Earlier specialist publications that are still relevant are also welcomed, will be reviewed, and reposted. We also welcome professionals  to have a look on our partner page www.americansoverseas.info/partner and submit an application to become a member and support Americans Overseas.

Please write us at info@americansoverseas.info

Thank you

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