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Thank you for your interest in joining our network as a US tax partner. Americans Overseas is an independent US tax referral service. We pro-actively reach out to US citizens living outside of the US for a longer period of time (not focused on expats) that recently learned about their US tax obligation. We operate in all major European countries.

Two Americans living outside of the US  founded Americans Overseas. They were taken by surprise when they heard about their US tax obligation. It was very hard for them to find correct information, reliable advice, and affordable help. After going through a long and costly process they decided to start helping others by informing them and connecting them to proper tax preparers. Below a short explanation on how we work:

The client:
Our motto is: inform & connect. Clients who approach Americans Overseas have learned of their US tax obligation. Clients can call or email us with any questions they have that are either answered by us or a tax professional (SSN, renouncing, taxes owed,etc). We feel it’s very important to start this journey well informed.  We have also developed a knowledge base which is continuously updated with the latest most frequently asked questions. Anything we don’t know we check with our partners and also add if it’s a recurring question. After a client is informed they can be referred to a US tax partner. The referral only takes place after their express consent. Some people only want information and no referral. We give clients a price indication in advance so they don’t pay too much but also know what to expect.

Benefit for the US tax partner:
The US tax partners in our network receive clients that have been informed by us what to expect. This means clients that have no filing obligation, no intention to file or only have some questions, are generally filtered out and helped by us. This saves the preparers a lot of time so they can do what they’re good at: prepare tax filings. It’s sometimes overwhelming for a client to find out they have a tax obligation and this leads to clients becoming unresponsive towards the preparer. This can reported to us and we will contact the individual to see if they want to continue, stop, or be referred to someone else. This ensures both the client and the tax preparer both get the service they want.

Partner requirements:
Most importantly our partners provide good, friendly, reliable, affordable service against a fixed price agreed in advance. This is very important as many Americans Overseas find out for the first time in their life they need to file and are very anxious. They need an expert who will tell them like it is, not unnecessarily worry them and provide them with a fair estimate.

If you’re interested please apply to Americans Overseas. We will contact you for an intake call. It’s important that your rates on basic streamlined procedures and yearly returns are clear for us. We do understand that custom work requires custom rates. However 90% of our clients have very uniform cases that consist of employment, mortgage, and sometimes stocks. More complicated cases involving ownership of a company are considered custom requests.

When you apply please list:
– Your working experience in filing US tax
– Rate for preparing a standard yearly return (1040+FBAR) and streamlined procedure
– Experience with different procedures (streamlined/O.V.D.P./returns/P.F.I.C./other)
– Training (example: CPA, IRS enrolled agent,etc).
– References

Please email your information to . We look forward to hearing from you.