Americans Overseas es una organización independiente que ofrece una red de asesores fiscales cuidadosamente seleccionados.

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Being Americans living abroad ourselves, we learned the hard way about US tax compliance, so we are now here to help you.

Americans Overseas is an independent organization that offers a network of carefully selected tax consultants. The network is regularly updated based on customer feedback.

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American Overseas was founded by Daan Durlacher (left) and Michael Littaur (right) who where born in the The Netherlands but had never lived or worked in the US.

How we started

Like many Americans who live abroad, we were diligent about properly filing in our country of residence. We were unaware of any tax obligations related to our American ties. For us, this all started with a letter from our bank informing us about FATCA. As this information was new to us, it quickly led to questions like “what does the IRS do,” “what does FATCA stand for”, “do I really have to file a US tax report”, “can’t I just give up my passport”, and “where can I find my Employer Identification Number”.

In the search for information

Little information about US tax compliance for US citizens living abroad was available online. We also found out that filing an FBAR, 1040, or entering any of the IRS streamlined programs should be done with great attention to detail. We observed that filing incorrectly or with the wrong procedures could lead to grave complications and even penalties. That is why we advise that you do not file until you have the right information about your specific situation from a specialized advisor.

our mission

Americans Overseas wants to make sure your path to compliance is a more simple, direct and cost-efficient one. We do this by providing information on tax matters for Americans living abroad. We connect Americans worldwide to the right tax specialists for their situation.

Finding a specialist advisor

In our costly and exhausting process of finding the right tax and legal experts, we realized we had not only accumulated a mountain of knowledge but also built up a solid network of experts. This could be of great benefit to other Americans in similar situations.

Get an introduction to an advisor

If you wish to be introduced to an advisor that we recommend based on your personal situation, simply fill in our form. We will contact and/or introduce you within two working days. There is absolutely neither cost nor any obligation for you until you have decided to sign up with one of our partnering tax or law offices at their discounted fees.

The people that will help you find the right tax advisor for your situation.

the americans overseas team

Linda Mabelis

General Manager & Partner

Amanda van Ede

Team Manager

Yvonne Vermeer

Customer Care employee

Annet Verhoef

Customer Care employee

Romy Lindner

Customer Care employee

Andreas Link

Back Office employee

Marinke Breteler

Back Office employee

Daan Durlacher


Michael Littaur

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Díganos cómo podemos ayudarlenuestro formulario de contacto
Contacto por correo electró
Llámanos+34 919 03 75 69

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more in-depth information? We have gathered the frequently asked questions. In case you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.