001 US Return Including the FBAR for 0-3 bank accounts €450
002 Streamlined Procedure Including 3 years of Returns and 6 years FBAR  for 0-3 bank accounts €1.750
003 FBAR only FBAR for 3 bank accounts €160
004 K1 US investment listing fee per year for 1 US investment €285
005 Form 8854 incl. annual return fee per form €100
006 Form 8854 excl. annual return fee per form €525
006 FBAR additional accounts fee additional FBAR per year per 3 additional bankaccounts (first 3 bankaccounts are included in a Return or a Streamlined Procedure) €40
007 Streamline extra years yearly incl. FBAR €400
008 US partner with income yearly €150
009 Spousal FBAR yearly €25
010 Stock transactions yearly per 3 transactions €40
011 Stock transactions in 1099 yearly per 1099 €20
012 Stock transactions in correct Excel format per 3 transactions €20
013 BV owner <50% (founding year only) yearly entity €175
014 BV owner >50% yearly per entity €290
015 Change in ownership% BV, form 926 yearly per entity €85
016 Self employed >1 per year (in Dutch: ZZP/VOF/Maatschap) yearly €85
017 Form 8938 > $300.000 foreign financial assets per form per year €80
018 Rental property per property €85
019 K1 additonal investment listing per listing €35
020 State filing per application €55

All fees are excluding 21% V.A.T  and a € 49,50 service fee.

Note: for customers living outside The Netherlands we offer our quotes incl. V.A.T. by email.

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