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Published on: 23-03-2020 Last modified on: 29-01-2024

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects our daily lives and turns everything upside down. Americans Overseas will keep you informed with the latest news.


The US has passed a financial support package for all Americans also the ones living Overseas. It’s called the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)

In short: You will receive a $1.200,- cheque automatically from the US government if you don’t make over $ 75.000,- and have filed your 2019 or 2018 return, again also when living overseas.

Services Americans Overseas

The health of our colleagues and their families is a top priority for Americans Overseas. We also aim to keep our services running unchanged in a good and safe manner.

Americans Overseas is fully equipped to work digitally and remotely. This enables our team to speak to you by telephone and email.

It may be that our telephone numbers are a little busier than you are used to from us. The best solution, in that case, is to make a callback request by email or ask your question by email.

Request to the Dutch Banking Association

We are currently urging the Dutch Banking Association to request that member banks not refuse to provide accounts or services for Americans until further notice.

If the U.S. government takes measures that affect your situation or tax return, we will notify you immediately.

Apply for CLN or SSN at the U.S. Embassy

Currently, the U.S. Consulate is closed to services such as providing a CLN (Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States) or SSN (Social Security Number).

If you have or would like to make an appointment, please check the website of your local consulate.

Deadline for payment of US tax

The deadline for filing the US tax remains the same, the deadline for paying tax has been postponed to July 15, 2020.

Americans Overseas is at your disposal

Despite the virus and the restrictions imposed in the various countries, the Americans Overseas Team is fully at your disposal by mail and telephone. If you have any questions about tax liabilities and/or questions about the effect of the virus on your 2019 U.S. tax return, we’re happy to help.  We wish everyone strength in these uncertain times, Team Americans Overseas

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding the US tax system, the obligations, and all the additional terms can be difficult. Especially if one lives outside of America. Is your question not answered? Contact us.

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