Yvette Johai

Customer Care employee at American Overseas

Yvette Johai brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Americans Overseas team, where she plays a crucial role in assisting clients with their tax obligations.

Yvette Johai stands out as a valuable asset to the Americans Overseas team. Her background in international environments and her skills in dealing with cultural diversity enhance her ability to provide client-friendly and efficient support


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Yvette’s skills include effective communication, problem-solving, and organizational strength, which is essential to her role in assisting clients with their tax obligations. In addition, her ability to perform under pressure and multitask demonstrates her stress resilience and professionalism.

In this role, I am fully committed to making every customer contact as personal and satisfying as possible. I strongly believe in building trusting relationships, using my skills to understand and address each client’s unique needs.

Job and role

As an associate at Americans Overseas, Yvette helps hundreds of clients a year with general information about the U.S. tax return system, applying for an SSN, considering renouncing U.S. citizenship, and entering into a redemption program. It is nice to be able to help so many people. Since chance Americans and sometimes expats feel quite alone with their burdens or issues, Yvette feels it is important to be able to offer help to these people. And regain control of their finances.

Yvette’s passion for service and her dedication to our client’s success make her an integral part of Americans Overseas’ success.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the US tax system, the obligations and all the additional terms can be difficult. Especially if one lives outside of America. Is your question not answered? Contact us.