Christie Snowdon

Customer Care employee at American Overseas

Christie Snowdon is from the United States and has a passion for helping people navigate complex tax issues. From personal experience, Christie knows the burdens and ambiguities of being an American living outside of America and having an annual tax return obligation.

With years of experience and a strong review score, Christie Snowdon is a dedicated member of the team at Americans Overseas. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and focuses on providing personalized support to clients of Americans Overseas.


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Christie Snowdon specializes in assisting Americans living in Spanish-speaking countries and helping them navigate complex U.S. tax obligations. Her bilingual skills allow her to communicate effectively with a diverse client base and provide clear and comprehensive support. Christie’s role includes providing personal assistance to ensure clients understand their tax obligations and can make informed decisions. Her empathetic approach and attention to detail make her a trusted resource for clients.

At Americans Overseas, we pride ourselves on providing expert guidance and customized support to Americans abroad. My goal is to help our clients confidently manage their U.S. tax obligations wherever they are.

Job and Role

As a Customer Care associate at Americans Overseas, Christie Snowdon contributes to the organization by using her extensive knowledge and skills to provide optimal support to customers. Her bilingualism and cultural sensitivity enable her to communicate effectively with customers from diverse backgrounds. Christie’s commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to simplify complex tax issues ensure that each client receives the best possible guidance. She is not satisfied until each client can meet their U.S. tax obligations with confidence and without worry.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the US tax system, the obligations and all the additional terms can be difficult. Especially if one lives outside of America. Is your question not answered? Contact us.