File that US Tax: Funny and shockingly true

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Published on: 06-01-2017 Last modified on: 29-01-2024

Funny and Shockingly true: the USA is the only country that does this…

Comedy group Boom Chicago, themselves Americans living in the Netherlands, were astonished when they heard they had to file in the US where they haven’t lived for a very long time.

Wait what? Yes, it is true: America is the only developed country that requires US persons to file taxes in the US even if you do not live or work in the US.

File that Tax

The Boom Chicago founders are one of many victims. However, they decided not to let this pass without making a statement. They made the parody gameshow; File that Tax to show the absurdity of the US law and draw attention to all the problems it’s causing.

Do you have a US parent, Were you born in the US, or worked in the US? You might need to file taxes in the US. Check out these true stories made into a gameshow File that Tax. Spread the word and share!

Learn more about the true background of File that Tax

Americans Overseas helps Americans living abroad to become US tax compliant in an organized way and avoid unnecessary double taxation. Based on your situation, we introduce you to the appropriate US tax advisor in our AOS network who will make you a tailor-made offer to help with your tax filings free of charge and free of any obligations.


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