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How do I obtain a SSN (Social Security Number)?

The TIN (Tax Identification Number) is needed to be able to file taxes in the US. Often times this number is your SSN (social security number). Many people don’t have a social security number or a person might have one but simply doesn’t know. Below some helpful steps to get you started:

Step 1:

There is a centralised office in Dublin that is the starting point for your SSN application. They will do a check to see if you ever had a SSN number. If you never had a SSN they will tell you what papers you need to apply for a SSN. If you did have a SSN number the Dublin office will also tell you what you need to get it reissued. Some information on what to expect can be found on there page with SSN requirements.

We advise you to contact them by phone and ask them what the required forms are you will need to collect for the application. Information below and link to the website here.

Federal Benefits Unit, Dublin, Ireland, contact information:
You are encouraged to call for assistance. Your initial call can be very brief as staff will take your telephone number and call you back to complete your business.
-Telephone – MORNINGS ONLY:
-Federal Benefits Unit 00-353-1-668-8777, ext. 2112
-E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Step 2:

You don’t need to travel to Dublin to deliver the forms. The forms required can be presented in person at your local consulate. This must be done by appointment usually through their website (Amsterdam consulate website)  . The local consulate will certify the forms and send them to Dublin.

So first and most important is to contact above telephone number and make sure you know which forms are required for your application.If you have any question, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Note: Currently it is said to take roughly 5 working days to get a SSN for citizens born outside the US. If you were born inside the US the waiting time is 4-8 months as your application is processed in the US. You can already start the filing process however.