How do I obtain a SSN (Social Security Number)?

The TIN (Tax Identification Number) is needed to be able to file taxes in the US but recently also its needed for the Banks in your country. They will ask you to provide an TIN (which is your SSN) Many people don’t have a social security number or a person might have one but simply doesn’t know.

Below some helpful steps to get you started:

Step 1:

There is the Social Security Administration’s Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) in Dublin that is the starting point for your SSN application. The FBU in Dublin is the main point of contact on all social security related issues for U.S. Citizens in the Netherlands.

They will do a check to see if you ever had a SSN number. If you never had a SSN they will tell you what papers you need to apply for a SSN. If you did have a SSN number the Dublin office will also tell you what you need to get it reissued. Some information on what to expect can be found on their page with SSN requirements.

You are encouraged to call for assistance and ask them what the required forms are you will need to collect for the application. Your initial call can be very brief as staff will take your telephone number and call you back to complete your business.

Federal Benefits Unit, Dublin, Ireland, contact information:
-Telephone – MORNINGS ONLY:
-Federal Benefits Unit 00-353-1-668-8777, ext. 2112
-E-Mail Address:

Step 2:

You don’t need to travel to Dublin to deliver the forms. The forms required can be presented in person at your local consulate. The local consulate will certify the forms and send some documents to FBU-Dublin.

Please note that the Consulate in Amsterdam does not send to FBU-Dublin documents related to first time Social Security applicants under the age of 12.

Parents of these applicants are responsible for sending their certified true copies, along with any Social Security-required forms.

At the U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam Social Security customers are invited to appear fully- prepared at the Consulate on a Walk-In Day, offered once a month. The Federal Benefits Unit in Dublin instructs inquirers to send an email message to a link provided and the automated reply will provide the next scheduled Walk-in Day dates.

Please note that the U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam does not make Social Security-related appointments for specific dates/times for individuals.

On Walk-In Day a Social Security customer must bring both original document and photocopy of each document that requires certification as true copy, in connection with Social Security service. The Consulate cannot advise on which documents each customer should present. Instead, this is determined by FBU-Dublin.

So first and most important is to the Federal Benefits Unit in Dublin and make sure you know which forms are required for your application.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to let us know.

While your Social Security application is processed in the U.S. you can already start the filing process however.