What are the next steps after I make the down payment?

Step 1: access your personal portal

After you’ve made your down payment, you’ll receive an email with activation instructions for your personal and secure Americans Overseas online portal. This activation link is valid for 24 hours. Once you create your password, you can log in anytime using the button Login on Americans Overseasat the top right of the website menu.

Step 2: fill out your Tax Organizer

Inside your portal, you’ll find a “Tax Organizer” in your dossier. This is a form you need to complete and submit to us online. It’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible, as waiting times can get longer during the year. If you can’t submit it within 2 months of making your down payment, please let us know so we can work out a new deadline with you.

Step 3: review and approve

We’ll provide you with a draft version of your tax return amd our invoice. Once you’re satisfied with the draft, you’ll pay the invoice for our services, after which we provide you with the final documents to send to the IRS. Or, if your situation allows, we’ll have your US Return filed electronically.

Step 4: submitting your US Tax Return

You’ll receive the final documents and if possible in your situation, the tax return is submitted electronically by the US Tax accountant. If it must be paper-filed we’ll provide you with a clear instruction how to send them to the IRS.


Special note for those who renounced US citizenship

If you’ve already renounced your US citizenship, please inform us as soon as possible and send us a copy of your CLN (Certificate of Loss of Nationality). We’ll give you a special Tax Organizer to help with your final tax return, including Form 8854.

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