Download US tax organizer

Welcome to the Americans Overseas US Tax Organizer. This a short explanation on how to use the US Tax Organizer, also for those who are not familiar with Excel. The organizer is currently available in English. We have added Dutch and German translations for several tax terms. Please read this instruction carefully. Thank you.

When you download the Excel sheet please save it to your computer first before opening. The file might show errors if opened directly.

At the bottom of the Excel sheet you will see 5 sections (tabs). Start by clicking on Personal and then continue to the other tabs. You only need to fill in what applies to you.

Some fields contain a list and are marked blue. Click on the blue field, then click on the arrows and choose. Please watch the example below:

Example using the list:

Sometimes Excel will warn that macros or content have been disabled. Make sure to ‘Enable Content’ to start editing. Otherwise, some functionality will not work (properly).

On the right side of the column, we have placed help boxes where we thought necessary. They look like this:

If you’re participating in the streamlined procedure you may also use the Tax organizer. Tip: In most cases, you can fill in the 1st year and resave a sheet for every consecutive year. This way you don’t need to fill in a sheet from the start for each year.

What happens after I submit my US Tax Organizer and documents?

  1. After your US Tax Organizer, documents and down payment have been received we will check if the information is complete.
  2. If anything is missing we will send you a request by email.
  3. Your return will be prepared.
  4. We will send you a draft version of your US Tax Return for your approval.
  5. You will receive the final invoice.
  6. After payment has been received by us, your return will be filed.
  7. Please contact us at any time if you need help or if you have any questions.

Please click the buttons below to obtain the tax organizer:

Button Text

After you have filled in the US tax organizer and collected all your documents please supply them to us digitally. Upload your documents via our secure portal. If you have not received an invitation yet, please send an email to